Bo Kragsig Møller

This is My Story

Born, raised and educated in Denmark, winner of the Danish National Championship in 1997, participating in 10 Nation Cups for Denmark, working and training for more than 20 years in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium, Bo Kragsis Moeller has obtained a strong international network in selling and buying international top jumpers, hunters and dressage horses.

With a strong focus on high quality in his work, he always seeks the very best solutions for both buyer and seller. Having provided a numerous amount af international top riders with their top jumpers he has obtained the best reputation and is highly appreciated among his clients as well as his colleagues. Being the winner of more than 90 S Classes (145-150 cm) on 35 different horses Bo K. Moeller is highly experienced in performance as well as coaching.

With a lifelong passion for horses and being educated as a professional rider in Denmark with 6 years of education, Bo has trained and educated some of the leading riders in showjumping in his home country. He is highly valued for his skills and talents and today he is appreciated as a judge for The Danish Riding Federation and The Danish Warmblood Association as well as lecturer at seminars,

“A true horseman does not look at the horse with his eyes, he looks at his horse with his heart.”